From the Vault: HPC

In 2014, the Hill’s former Editor-in-Chief and Founder, Michael Levy, granted Raymond Mancini permission to establish the Hill Political Column, more commonly known as HPC. This establishment was a subsidiary of the Hill before it was replaced by the Tide, the present newspaper of Rocky Hill School that was created by Shane Woolley and Raymond Mancini. Although the HPC was replaced by the Tide, the mission statement that was curated for the Hill remains the same for the Tide. This page was created to retain the short history of the HPC.


Articles from the Vault of HPC

 Should Common Core be Standard?

Obama Teaching

Should the Common Core be encouraged and is it necessary for education? Why are Republicans and others attacking the standard in the first place?

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 A Solution to Wage Gap?

John F Kennedy Celebrating Equal Pay Law

Is it the Federal Government’s job to pass a bill that balances the wage gap? Do you think that businesses are intentionally biased and want to underpay women for the sake of limiting the businesses’ expenses?

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 U.S. Intervention in Ukraine?

Ukraine Protests
The United States’s decisions have brought up many questions. Did Crimea vote to join Russia under duress or of its own free will? Is the U.S. obligated to respond to Russia’s aggression?

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