Issue 3.2 Megan Caruso The Press

Imperceptible Battles In Today’s Youth

By Megan Caruso High school is stressful. A rigorous, competitive college-prep high school is definitely stressful. We know that, in fact, we live it. We, the students, as well as our parents, teachers, administrators, have all just come to terms that the stress is part of life for ambitious people of our age. We just […]

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Issue 3.1 Nate DeMoranville The Press

Progressive Changes in the Superhero Industry

By Nate DeMoranville For years, even decades now, the comic book industry has received criticism for lacking a diverse community. This criticism usually confronts either the lack of women or the lack of people of color. Just look at the Avengers: Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, all played by white, male actors. There’s no denying […]

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