2014 Year In Review Diversity Initiative Issue 1.7 Shane Woolley The Press

Rebuilding Trust in Law Enforcement: Community Policing in America, and in Providence

According to the recent findings of the 2014 Black Youth Project study, only 44.2 percent of young black people trust the police, compared to 71.5 percent of white youth who do (Ingmire). If only 44.2 percent of a doctor’s patients trusted him, one would think that doctor is in desperate need of better methods. This […]

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Issue 1.7 Meninism Nate DeMoranville The Press

Meninism, Men Have Problems Too

With the diversity initiative at Rocky Hill focusing on topics like the Big 8 amongst other things, it’s no surprise that the widespread position on gender held thus far has been aligned with the feminist movement. Ironically, the support for this movement is crushing a minority, the new and relatively unknown movement of meninism. Meninism […]

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2014 Year In Review Elizabeth Farber Issue 1.7 The Press

A Deadly Social Media Disease

Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), is a fatal illness in humans that originated in monkeys, chimpanzees, and other African bush animals. In June 2014, cases of Ebola virus broke out in Liberia and Sierra Leone, leaving more than 6,373 people dead; Ebola has spread to other countries. Overall, there […]

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2014 Year In Review Issue 1.7 Raymond Mancini The Press

Is Wealth Inequality Really Lessening Under the Status Quo?

Wealth inequality is becoming more prevalent in America, as prominent people like President Obama, Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen, and numerous magazines and newspapers bring the topic to the forefront of the headlines. It seems that this notion of wealth inequality is a prominent issue that America faces today, but how big is the division […]

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2014 Year In Review Emma Fitzelle-Jones Issue 1.7 The Press

A Look Back at Ebola: A year of Fear Fading into the Shadows?

Since the Ebola epidemic was declared in late March, many articles have been written about the how the disease has ravaged Monrovia and tested the lackluster response systems in many West African countries. The August news painted a potent threat of worldwide epidemic, which continued into October. Yet in the past few weeks, the news […]

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