Entertainment Investment Club Newsletter Issue 1.6 Nick Mancini Video Games

Why You Shouldn’t Invest in the Video Game Industry

The video game industry can be something that is smart to invest in if you carefully calculate a few factors: how much hype surrounds the game? Does the game look fun? Is there any rising interest within a certain demographic? Will the game last long enough to sell DLC? Lastly, will the game have too […]

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Entertainment Esports Filip Augustowski Issue 1.6 The Press Video Games

Esports: What Are They?

Plainly and simply, exports are electronic sports. What this means is that thousands of people play different video games as a sport. It may sound ridiculous to many, but it is no different than football or soccer. The argument against esports is that you don’t exercise and it doesn’t take a lot of skill.  Many […]

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