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Are Colleges Campuses Really Bastions of Free Speech?

Are College Campuses Really Bastions of Free Speech?   By Anessa Petteruti   The good news is that both liberals and conservatives have reached consensus that free speech is a fundamental human right.  However, “free speech” has apparently been redefined to mean “speech with which I agree.”   Today’s students are indeed both more left […]

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Anessa Petteruti Issue 3.1 The Press

500,000 and Counting: The European Refugee Crisis

by Anessa Petteruti Last summer, I spent several weeks in Europe and was deeply touched by the daily news of the Middle East refugees’ perilous journeys to Europe. So far this year, 500,000 refugees have not only arrived from war-torn Syria, but also from Afghanistan, northern Africa, Pakistan, Iraq, and Somalia. It is estimated that […]

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Anessa Petteruti Issue 2.3 Technology The Press

Intelligent Vehicles: Are Driverless Cars in Store for the Future?

By Anessa Petteruti After crossing fifteen states and covering over 3,400 miles, an autonomous car made history.  Nine days after leaving San Francisco, an apparent ordinary blue car parked itself in New York City. This groundbreaking feat, performed by the automobile supplier Delphi, has demonstrated and proven the great leaps car technology has taken in […]

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Anessa Petteruti Issue 2.2 Space The Press

To Go or Not To Go: Is Human Life Sustainable on Mars?

By Anessa Petteruti As a little girl, Laurel Kaye dreamed of traveling to Mars, but never in a million years did she think that she could potentially live on the Red Planet.  The twenty year old physics student at Duke University was one of the one hundred candidates chosen by Mars One to compete for […]

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