Nov. 12, 2014 – Issue I.V

Gun Control

On October 24, a shooting at Marysville Pilchuck High School’s cafeteria in Washington state claimed the lives of five victims This shooting, and many others, have brought into question the regulation of firearms and ammunition. This week, look at here now Tide correspondents seek to analyze the effectiveness of gun control and the stricter measurements that should be taken, if any, to lessen the availability of guns to diminish such incidents.Read More

Russia Rising


With its recent involvement in Ukrainian affairs, Russia has been a growing topic in the news. Some would argue that Russia’s overarching reason for nationalistic growth is to fight against the U.S.’s worldly presence. This week, Tide correspondents seek to analyze what intentions Russia has in becoming a larger global superpower and how this may affect its relationship with the west.

Read More

I.V - Alex Myers Speech thumbnail

Alex Myers Speaks at RHS

With exclusive footage and commentary by Hunter Corbett

Theater Review

Micetro Improv at the CTC

 By Witt Tarantino

Environmental Awareness

Murphy’s Law, or Ignorant Annihilation: The Progressive Destruction of Wildlife

 By Brittany Colasanto

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