Apr. 8, 2015 – Issue II.III

The Musical Activism of Calling All Crows

Does musical have the same political and social influence today that it had forty years ago? Shane Woolley (’15) analyzes the impact of music and what role the non-profit organization Calling All Crows has in its revival.

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Are Driverless Cars the Future?

This week Anessa Petteruti (’17) discusses the future of autonomous cars and previous adventures that have generated publicity for this upcoming technology.

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Microsoft Hololens Review


Prior to the eager release of the Microsoft Hololens, Hunter Gallant (’17) discusses the features of the Hololens and how it will not only launch itself into the technology industry but also how it will function in our personal lives.

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Gun Regulation?


With recent announcements from the Obama Administration, gun control has been an interesting, but important topic. Raymond Mancini (’15) presents an argument stating how more gun control is not the answer to the shootings and other gun-related problems that plague America.

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