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A Conservative’s Perspective

As a conservative, if I could summarize the Trump presidency thus far, I would have to say that I am neutral on the subject. What has he done wrong? Essentially, the travel ban was executed extremely poorly in the sense that those with green cards and travel papers from the banned countries could not enter. These citizens had already been vetted and allowed travel based on old regulations, which allows them access to our country. No previous statements outlined that green card-holding citizens would be denied access. During his campaign, Trump defended his proposal in saying that permanent residents may return to the United States, but he clearly forgot his promise. Hopefully, the new and revised proposal may actually ban travel from those countries so that the cabinet may have time to create a Syrian refugee proposal and plan to deal with ISIS rather than destroying the lives of registered aliens.

The next complaint that I would have to make about our new president is his freeze on EPA grants and contracts. His reasoning about not wanting the EPA to spend money without further investigating of issues seems very reasonable, but freezing all grants causes major commotion and can potentially cause ubiquitous environmental issues. He should instead let grants and contracts through and revise the process so that the agency can give out money and create contracts in addition to inspecting the importance of current contracts.

Donald Trump also backed down to China after disavowing the “One China Policy” by speaking with the Taiwanese President. Instead of backing his previous actions, he calmed the Asian sphere of influence by agreeing that China and Taiwan are one. I wish he just never identified Taiwan because angering China is one of the worst things that America can do at the moment.

Now in regards to what he has done to my liking thus far is his push for more border security on the southern border of the U.S. This is not just talk of a wall, but it also includes more staffing to stop the flow of illegal immigrants. For years, thousands of illegal immigrants have come into the country and used taxpayers’ money for schooling and public services. I find the idea of immigrants gaining legal citizenship favorable, but the country can no longer accept those who do not pay taxes.

Secondly, Donald Trump’s push for infrastructure such as the Dakota Access Pipeline has followed his campaign promises. Unfortunately, the project has its downsides along with its numerous positives, which makes it a very controversial topic. The downsides are obvious in the sense that without some sort of barrier to the drinking water, it could be contaminated. However, oil movement without a pipe is much more dangerous. In addition, the pipeline’s location has been disputed and moved. The fact of the matter is that the oil company has done everything legally. We will see what comes of this project in the coming days.

Another aspect of his presidency that redeemed himself was his contact with the Japanese Prime Minster, Shinzo Abe. As Cold War animosity persists between China and the U.S, it is more important than ever to reaffirm our position and ties to the Pacific region. Japan is one of our greatest trade partners and a push for more security and a stronger bond is exactly what the U.S needs.  

Something that is closely connected to the Japan subject is our relationship with Russia. Obviously, the U.S and Russia have never seen eye to eye, but the fact remains that a war between the two countries would end in the destruction of the planet. A friendly relationship seems like appeasement to many, but working with Putin will ease the tension that has existed for so long. Thus I do not see the contact between President Trump and Putin as a terrible thing. Clearly, the lies that Donald Trump has told to the media are alarming and uncalled for, but talk of lifting American sanctions will only help our relationship.

To conclude I would like to say that I am no political genius or business mastermind. Yet I write this in order to show how a young conservative feels about Donald Trump. I do this so that I may give perspective to others who may feel differently about the subject. Be it stupid or smart, I hope that this article helps.


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  1. Thank you for your article. Filip. You have a clear-eyed and even-handed approach that inspires respect. Although I do not agree with you on every point, I appreciate your willingness to speak up and the fact that you did so in a civil way.

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