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A New Fleet



A couple days ago, on February 19, Rocky Hill’s new fleet arrived. Compromised of seven new Zim Sailing 420 Collegiate sailboats and equipment, these new resources will be great for the upcoming spring season.


With the previous boats having been acquired in the 80s, this has been a long time coming. Much thanks goes out to the wonderful benefactors: Ms. Clara Jane Lovell, Mr. Dooie Isdale, Mr. and Mrs. Brad Boss, Mrs. Monica Iacono Boss ’91 and Mr. Geoff Boss, Ms. Paula Carriero, Mr. and Mrs. Walt Lada, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Kirby and Mr. Rome Kirby ’07, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Adams, and Drs. John O’del and Marcia Liss.


Pictured below is the 2016 Sailing Team with the new fleet. The bottom left is actually the student named boat, “Challenger”. Other notable names include “Branch Office”, “Candy”, and “Oracle”.




As always, Go Mariners!

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