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Rise of the Man Bun

By Alejandro Perez

What is the telltale way to figure out when an old picture was taken? If one were to look at pictures of people from different decades, it would be quite simple to tell each of them apart. The reason for this being the hair trends associated with each of those particular eras.


Perm requests in salons swept the nation between the 1960s and 70s. This was quickly followed by the Afro, a prevalent hairstyle of the 80s worn by men and women alike. Most people would not only get their hair done a certain way because all of their friends were doing it, but also because all of their favorite celebrities were doing it. It was difficult to find a stylist in the 90s who did not know how to do “The Rachel.” This refers to the character, Rachel Green, played by Jennifer Aniston in the hit sitcom Friends. Allen Iverson, a former basketball player for the Philadelphia 76ers, was the one who popularized cornrows in the early 2000s.


The question now is, what is the most recent hair trend? According to Google analysts, the hairstyle with the most searches in 2015 is the man bun. Most of these searches include YouTube tutorials on how to perfect the look. In second place is the comb-over, NOT the one portrayed by Donald Trump.


The rise of these hairstyles can be accredited to famous people who make them prominent in our everyday society. Athletes, such as soccer players Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham, singers, like Justin Bieber and Harry Styles of One Direction, as well as actors, such as Leonardo Dicaprio and Jared Leto from the upcoming movie Suicide Squad, all influence others to wear their hair like them. In fact, man buns are proudly adorned by some members of the Rocky Hill community.


It does not seem like this trend will be stopping anytime soon; it will only get bigger. In the meantime, one should expect to see more and more people flaunt this particular hairstyle.


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