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Looking Back…

In the past year esports has taken major steps. Recently, League of Legends has achieved 31 million active players and, with them, a very strong community. The people in this community are fanatics for the League Champion Series (LCS). The way the LCS works is like a football league; there are a multiple number of teams that play against each other every week. On top of the weekly games, there are large tournaments that take place. These tournaments are like no other because they take place in some of the most amazing venues and stadiums. The experience is comparable to a football game in Gillette Stadium. Last year, League of Legends had their world championship in a soccer stadium in South Korea; this stadium was one out of a gamer’s dream.


It was not only Riot Games with League of Legends that perpetuated the esports scene; it was also the famous company Blizzard Entertainment. Blizzard Entertainment came out with their new trading card game Hearthstone. Surprisingly, although Hearthstone was only an online card game, it became extremely competitive. People from all around the world wanted to be involved, and with that involvement, came a very entertaining world championship. Blizzard Entertainment also had an amazing World of Warcraft world championship, which provided for an intense experience. On paper, these tournaments and sports seem plain nerdy, but when one watches these broadcasts, they become incredibly immersed. One feels immersed because it is seeing something you love, the game and also the “shout casters”. These shout casters literally shout and make the audience go crazy. Thankfully, the gamers of the world can look forward because esports is going to become the future of sports. Below is a video that shows a quick highlight of 2014 League of Legends world championship:


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